Bulleit Whiskies and Cocktails (Part 2)

As I said in yesterday's post, Bulleit Rye is a relative newcomer to the U.S. Whisk(e)y market, having first been released in 2011. As far as I can tell, the rationale behind its production was something along the lines of "people like the fact that our bourbon is high in rye, let's give them even … [Read More...]

Bulleit Whiskies and Cocktails (Part 1)

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know I'm a fan of full-flavored whiskies. Although I typically drink them neat, I also love a good whisk(e)y-based cocktail. I received some samples of Bulleit whiskies, and I thought that their flavors would stand up nicely in some classic … [Read More...]

Hosting a Whisk(e)y Tasting

This past Thursday, I finally did something I had been wanting to do for quite some time now; I hosted my first whisk(e)y tasting and bottle share since moving to Omaha. I can't believe it took me so long to host an event like this, but it was an absolute blast, so it won't be long before I host … [Read More...]

Pappy and his parents

Poor Man’s Pappy Review

Back in February, I wrote about the process of whipping up a batch of Poor Man's Pappy. Since then, several of you have been sending me emails and tweets asking when I would finally post my thoughts on the blend. According to what I'd read online, the whiskies would take about six weeks to marry … [Read More...]

Ardbeg Day Recap! (Part 2)

In yesterday's post, I thoroughly geeked out about the Ardbeg Day festivities I attended at Spirit World. As I said then, the event was spectacular. Hopefully you found my write up interesting, but I probably left you hanging a bit, since I didn't actually give you my thoughts on the delicious … [Read More...]

Some of the rarities on offer!

Ardbeg Day Recap! (Part 1)

Hi everybody! I hope you all had an awesome Ardbeg Day on Saturday! I know I did. Spirit World hosted an all-out, peaty birthday bash in honor of Ardbeg's 200th Anniversary, and I was thrilled to attend. I've got a lot I want to cover about the event, but I don't want to burn out anyone's eyeballs … [Read More...]

It’s Almost Ardbeg Day!

Well everyone, the day is almost upon us - This Saturday (May 30th) is Ardbeg Day! As part of Feis Ile, the annual music and whisky festival on Islay, each distillery gets a chance to show off in the spotlight. Though I sadly can't make it to Scotland to celebrate in person, this year I'm thrilled … [Read More...]

A Kilchoman Tasting at Spirit World

Yesterday evening, I got to be part of history. Okay, that sounds dramatic, but it sure felt like a momentous occasion; last night, I was privileged to attend what I'm assured was the nation's first vertical tasting of Kilchoman whiskies! The event was organized by the good folks at Spirit World, … [Read More...]

Hazelburn Sauternes Finish Review

Okay... So first of all, the elephant in the room... It's been roughly two weeks since my last post (in which I promised to be more consistent in my posting). Between try to wrap up some projects at the end of the semester and just everyday busyness, time has gotten away from me. I'm definitely … [Read More...]

Zignum Añejo Mezcal Review

In the immortal words of Monty Python’s Flying Circus… And now for something completely different. Early last month, I was on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, which was both incredibly relaxing and extremely indulgent. Man, did I eat and drink well on that trip! I also brought back some … [Read More...]

Glen Scotia Victoriana Review

The Thanksgiving season is always so much fun, but it's also a time when it can be pretty darn hard to get anything done. Between travel, family visits, and extra … [Read More...]

Amaro Montenegro Review

Amari pretty darn big right now, and I’m a huge fan. Bittersweet, rich, soothing. Just the thing to sip after dinner on a cool fall evening. However, not all Amari … [Read More...]