Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition Review

UPDATE: I've edited my description to include a breakdown of the malt whiskies that make up the blend. Read on if you're interested in some geeky details. When it comes to Scotch whisky, many aficionados/connoisseurs/geeks tend to overlook blended whiskies in favor of the next hot new single … [Read More...]

A Night out at The Library Pub

Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting several friends at a classic Omaha institution: The Library Pub. This bar may look relatively unassuming from the outside, but open the door and you'll be greeted by this incredible sight: Yes, this little Omaha bar is an absolute Whisk(e)y … [Read More...]

I.W. Harper Bourbon Review

I.W. Harper is an incredibly important name in bourbon history. This brand is named for Isaac Wolfe Bernheim, who (along with his brother Bernard) opened the original Bernheim Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky around the close of the 19th Century, where they began producing this brand of bourbon … [Read More...]

A Mega Tasting at Dundee Dell

On Sunday, I was fortunate enough to attend a particularly special Scotch whisky tasting. The Dundee Dell in Omaha hosted their annual "Mega Tasting," and the event certainly lived up to its name. For those of you outside the Omaha area, the Dell (as it's known to locals) is famed for their prolific … [Read More...]

Willett Family Estate 2 Year Old Rye

Earlier this month, I reviewed a six year old Willett Family Estate Rye, and found it to be a seriously excellent and full-flavored whiskey. As is the case with many of the ryes on the American market, that particular spirit was distilled by MGP Ingredients in Indiana. However, Josh over at Tipple … [Read More...]

Summer Scotch Cocktails (Part 2)

Okay, so after buying the ingredients for my last cocktail post, I'm absolutely choking on dried hibiscus flowers. Not wanting to let these tart, delicious things to go to waste, I thought I'd try out another cocktail. Truth be told, I've been drinking more cocktails than neat whisk(e)y over the … [Read More...]

Summer Scotch Cocktails

It seems like Scotch whisky has a reputation as a cold weather drink (although whisky geeks like me enjoy it year round). When it comes to whisky cocktails, many of them seem to emphasize this. Most Scotch cocktails that I know tend to play up the rich, warming, and soothing qualities of the spirit, … [Read More...]

A “Roarin’ 20s” Tasting at Grane

On Sunday, I took a trip back in time. Okay, maybe not exactly, but I did attend a "Roarin' 20s" single malt whisky tasting at Grane in Omaha. Grane is a pretty unique whiskey bar, with a great Prohibition-era vibe. Hence part of the "Roarin' 20s" theme. I love the atmosphere there, … [Read More...]

Blade and Bow Bourbon Review

Without a doubt, the (sadly departed) Stitzel-Weller Distillery is one of the icons of bourbon. Recently, Diageo has been capitalizing on this fame with several iterations of their Orphan Barrel product line, several of which are drawn from old barrels of Stitzel-Weller juice.  Blade and Bow is a … [Read More...]

Willett Family Estate Rye Review

Happy belayed 4th of July, everybody! If you're in the United States, I hope you had a fun, festive weekend. Heck, even if you're not in the United States, hopefully you enjoyed yourself this weekend, holiday or not. In the spirit of the holiday, I figured I'd review an American whiskey today. In … [Read More...]

Glen Scotia Victoriana Review

The Thanksgiving season is always so much fun, but it's also a time when it can be pretty darn hard to get anything done. Between travel, family visits, and extra … [Read More...]

Amaro Montenegro Review

Amari pretty darn big right now, and I’m a huge fan. Bittersweet, rich, soothing. Just the thing to sip after dinner on a cool fall evening. However, not all Amari … [Read More...]