Compass Box Hedonism

This is the first of a series in Compass Box Whisky reviews. Look for the next several coming very soon! In an industry where brands often pride themselves on their age, long lineage, and adherence to rigorous  traditions, Compass Box Whisky is something of an anomaly. As a brand founded by an … [Read More...]

Co-Hosting a “Super Tasting”

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I spend a consider amount of time at Spirit World, and I've written about a number of awesome events I've attended there, including last year's "Super Tasting" of nine rare whiskies. Almost exactly a year after that event, I had a very … [Read More...]

Support Whisky Transparency!

Recently, Compass Box Whisky has been in the news over the labeling on some of their blended malt whiskies. In contrast to the increasingly frequent stories about brands phasing out age statements from their packaging, Compass Box instead was catching heat for being too transparent in their … [Read More...]

Metze's Select Bourbon - A Dram Good Drink

Metze’s Select Bourbon Review

Over the past couple of years the name Midwest Grain Products (MGP Ingredients) has become increasingly well known (some may say "infamous") in the world of American whiskey. Though the company has been around in one fashion or another since the mid-1800s, but they more or less live behind the … [Read More...]

I’m Back! (and Angel’s Envy Rye Review)

Hi Everyone! First of all, yes, I still exist! I can't believe it's been over two months since my last blog post. Sorry for keeping you all waiting! Work really ramped up in November and December, and coupled with the holidays there just wasn't much time left over for posting. Don't worry though, … [Read More...]

Timorous Beastie Review

Independent Bottlers Douglas Laing & Co. caught my attention when I tried Big Peat Christmas Edition back in January and was pleasantly surprised by just how skillfully they captured the peaty spirit of Islay in a blended malt. I've since learned that Big Peat is now part of a series of blended … [Read More...]

The Real Demon Drink: Malört and Friends

You guys have heard me talk about goings on at Spirit World plenty of times before. But this Monday night was different. Late at night, after the store closed to the general public, several of us retreated to their tasting room to experience true horrors the likes of which many mouths are unprepared … [Read More...]

Happy National Bourbon Heritage Month

First of all, sorry for the massive lag between posts this month. Work has been keeping me busy, and time's just gotten away from me. I should be settling into a routine now, and so the posting should be back on a more-or-less regular schedule. With that out of the way - Happy National Bourbon … [Read More...]

An Exciting and Varied Whisk(e)y Tasting

Last Thursday, I hosted another whisk(e)y tasting. Like last time, we covered a lot of ground, but this time, the offerings were even more varied and unusual. I was really looking forward to writing this one up, but work has really quite busy this week, and I’ve had to turn my attention to things … [Read More...]

A Duo of Whiskies from Exclusive Malts

Despite being a whisk(e)y geek and making an effort to seek out new and unusual whiskies with some regularity, there are still quite a few Scottish distilleries whose products I’ve never tasted as a single malt. In part, this is because there are a number of distilleries whose production primarily … [Read More...]

Glen Scotia Victoriana Review

The Thanksgiving season is always so much fun, but it's also a time when it can be pretty darn hard to get anything done. Between travel, family visits, and extra … [Read More...]

Amaro Montenegro Review

Amari pretty darn big right now, and I’m a huge fan. Bittersweet, rich, soothing. Just the thing to sip after dinner on a cool fall evening. However, not all Amari … [Read More...]